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Healthcare Solution-EuphoMed

We at Euphoria Technologies believe, thinking outside the box along with seeking and promoting solutions which will meet the aspirations of the entire business suite and offer a path forward for "Balanced Sustainability Solutions" and as per the age old aspirations embodied in EuphoMed.

EuphoMed is a fully integrated, single-solution information system. As an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System built exclusively for healthcare and based on a multi-tiered network design concept that has become the new standard for computer solutions, “EuphoMed” allows for scalability, the central management of business rules and reduced maintenance and overheads.


  • Renders quick information related with appointments, gate-pass for visitors/suppliers & dispatches/received
  • Disseminate and record the information pertaining to all the tests related with biochemistry, microbiology, hematology, cytology, neurology, serology, etc. performed in pathology lab.
  • Helps you manage imaging modality appointments for various investigation & radiologic diagnosis
  • Helps to handle all types of billing pertaining to treatment and automatically posts charges for various services
  • Facilitates instant verification of eligibility of patient for cashless billing & hospitalization
  • Helps in keeping precised and up-to-date inventory records for surgical equipment
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